You know how some songs are inspired?  They speak truth deep to your soul like no words can quite convey.  You are good by Jeff Deyo is another one of these.

I know I share a lot of songs that move me, but I feel it a privilege to share the ones that touch my heart and hope they minister to yours as well.  As if an angel reminds me of this song when I need to hear it the most, I put this song on repeat and cry as I am washed by truth and love and light.  When all around us, there is so much selfishness, deceit, cruelty, and promises of love that only leave us broken and hurting, God is good and an unseen love never ends.  The love we share with others never dies, even if it isn’t received or understood or maybe things don’t work out like we had hoped.  The love we share and give and receive never ends.  It’s like this concept of God’s love that is good and amazing that we can only surrender to and pray “help my unbelief.”  Because, regardless of what you and I believe, there is something out there, something we know deep inside of us that is love and knows what real love is when we feel it.  So as this song blesses me, I pray it will bless you when you need it the most.  We are loved forever and God is good.  Surely goodness and love cover us all the days of our lives.  🙏💖