One of my favorite bands, Thrice, just released their new      album, “Palms.”  After listening to the whole record from beginning to finish, I found my favorite song, “The Dark.”  I always hope that there will be at least one that sticks out to me.  Well, this is that one.  As a musician and songwriter, my ears are in tune for all the different layers of sound and production in each song.  However, when you find that song, it’s like all your intellect and thought processes get silenced as your awareness becomes taken away into something bigger than itself.  It’s almost like you get ‘caught up,’ you’re taken somewhere else, and lost in the music.  To me, that is the end goal when you write music:  to help others be inspired, experience rapturous moments of peaceful serenity, and escape into Utopia.

   I think everyone is a music critic, but when you’re a musician you’re an informed and hopefully enlightened one.  I laugh as I write that just because my music understanding has intensely and greatly improved after releasing my first record.  You have no idea what all is involved in the process until your blood and sweat have been spent, and it’s complete as you finally hold your finished product (CD) in your hand.  

     Being a huge fan of Thrice, covering quite a handful of their songs, and listening to their records for countless hours on end, I’m always excited when I am surprised and taken in by something new.  In the beginning, the intricate guitar runs overlapping briefly reminded me of a Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd song.  Quickly overtaken by the strong drum and bass beats, Dustin proclaims his message.  I love how his voice has deepened and grown over the years.  “No, I’m not gonna sit in the dark anymore,” and “you’re always telling me I’m not enough, but I’m enough”  These are just some of the lyrics Dustin sings.  It feels like a message, a proclamation.  There is no hesitation.  It feels like a battle cry.  Then, the almost out of tune guitar effect with an ensemble (over 1000 fans come to find out) singing in unison and strength to finish the song.  Very moving and completely different to include your fans in your studio recording by sending in their phone recordings. 

          I think this song is very relatable.  How many of us feel like we’re tired of waiting for something unknown?  Tired of others telling us what we should or shouldn’t do.  Each of us know what is right or wrong for us, on the inside.  We have an internal voice leading and guiding us, if we can tune in and have the courage to listen and follow it.  How many of us get to that place where we are tired of waiting and we just have to make a move towards our dreams / beliefs?  Sometimes, you have to stand up for yourself and say enough is enough.  “I am enough,” and I’m “not gonna sit in the dark anymore.”

    Thank you Thrice for another great album, sharing your gifts and talents, and touching the hearts and lives of so many.

From my heart to yours,

I thank you 🙏