This passage I’m sharing inspires and challenges me deeply.
May Christine’s words so impact you…

“Those who claim to have suffered more than anyone else has ever suffered have not yet learned the meaning of suffering.  Whatever they have been called to endure has borne no fruits, been as wasted, as empty and void and meaningless as the tragic ordeal of giving birth to a still-born child, for the experience remains unglorified.  All suffering, great or small, like the crucifixion, was meant to be transmuted into living, everlasting glory.  It can be.  Even being the mother of a still-born child can bring a benediction of such hallowed purification of soul, such infinite tenderness and understanding with it, that the experience can open wide the very portals of continued advancement.  It is when man realizes the purpose of suffering and utilizes its power that all suffering will end.  It will be then that man will come into his full dominion and have complete power to subdue the earth and all things and all conditions upon it.   It will be then that the glorious privilege of suffering, the divine power of it, the sacred, breath-taking essence and wonder of it will be revealed.  I find myself awed and overwhelmed by the unutterable glory of its hidden power.  Any suffering, any pain, disappointment, heartbreak or even fear, when accepted with the true prayer of:  ‘Thy will be done’ can be instantly transmuted into unlimited power.”

-Christine Mercie