Sometimes you come across a song and you can’t explain it but it moves your soul in such a beautiful way.  As a singer and songwriter, I live for these moments.  And the beauty of these moments is once they are captured, you can relive them over and over.  Unworthy by Vancouver Sleep Clinic is one of these.

I listen and my soul seems to have found the words and perfect expression of voice and instrumentation it needs to fly and soar.  The burdens it carries seems a little less every time I listen.  Breathing slows down and the mind quiets as my soul has a voice to sing.  It’s beautiful.  What journeys the soul endures:  the ups and downs, loves and losses, sorrows and joys as time just keeps ticking.  These are but mere moments that are here and then gone.  They are quicker than a inhale of breath but can take your breath away.  Some of life’s most beautiful memories are those not sought after, but those seemingly stumbled upon.  What beautiful mysteries to behold.  These are the moments I live for, and I hope you experience such beautiful serenity after listening to this song.