Embracing the unknown

This path laced with thorns

Leaving but bloody traces behind

Withholding not my love

Forging the way ahead

While darkness floods my view

Barely whispers of prayers echo in the silence

Salty tears rain soft down each cheek

Never ceasing this heartache underneath

Casting off regrets and haunting memories

Letting go of what could be

Hoping yet in the wake of this storm

Despite the war raging inside me

Doubt battles relentlessly

Forlorn dreams dashed without rhyme or reason

Yet still do I press on

For true strength is found in the weak
And true beauty is seen in the bleak
That which is most precious and rare
Only few will ever truly understand
For it’s value is laden not in the eye of the beholder
But in the love of its creator
That which is rejected most
Is of the highest value
For true love cannot be bought
True love is a gift that is given freely
Not with empty promises or fantasies
But with adoration and utmost solemnity
For only a heart that is broken can truly feel
Only eyes that have been opened can truly see
While most have eyes but cannot see
Most have ears but cannot hear
Most have hearts but cannot feel
That which is not understood is rejected
Only the path of brokenness leads to healing and light
For only those lost can be found
Only those hurting can be comforted
This upside down kingdom
This is the struggle of how to be